April 19, 2012

Yesterday was one of the best days yet! i got to go on the best tour ever called Kipu Ranch on Kaua'i Island with Outfitters Kauai

Indiana Jones Rope Swing

Kayak Tour
I could not believe the sights that i saw! i got to go kayaking with the guides and we played splash wars and we saw where they filmed a scene in indiana jones! then we docked. we took a hike that was about 10 to 15 minutes. we came up to a rope swing that went into a waterhole that looked about three feet deep well i jumped and it was about 10 feet deep. i went again and again and again and again! then we went to a zip line that was giantormus (big) and then i went and it was so cool! then we went on a tractor ride to lunch. then we went on another zip line and that was a tandem one so two people could go at one time! the next zip line you did not have a harness!.....the line was only 15 feet high and wen you drop you fall into water! a deep pool. there was also 2 high jumps into the big one is 18 feet high the small one is about 12 feet high. i highly recommend this tour group its all about the fun to them. that makes it super duper fun to you!
Zip Line

by: Nathan S. , 11


rjcmj said...

You make it sound really fun!!


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks it was ssiper fun i highly recomend using this tour

Anonymous said...

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Cathay Pacific said...

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John said...

that looks really fun, I'm really liking the zip line and the kayaking. Looks like yall had an awesome time!

Petter Joe said...

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