June 1, 2010

Travel With Kids Wales

Great news...Travel With Kids is now airing on television in 30 countries and still growing. This summer Travel With Kids hits the road again with a production trip to Wales. And now, with the advent of incredible technology, you won't have to wait for the T.V. or DVD versions to experience all the rich history and culture and fun family-friendly activities of this country. The Roberts family will be providing updates from the road right here on our blog and on our Facebook page and Twitter. So, be sure you are signed up to receive pictures and updates from the road. Here's a sampling from the Wales itinerary:

- Live the legend of King Arthur with a journey through King Arthur's Labyrinth and a hike to unlock the mystery of Merlin's Hill. Plus, watch as the Roberts boys learn to fly a falcon.

- Take to the hills. Discover one favorite Welsh pastime, hill walking. Oh and there's biking, horseback riding, coasteering, climbing...

- Learn how Wales is keeping green (and not just in the hills) at the Center for Alternative Technology and in Britain's first carbon-zero town, St. David's.

- Take in the beauty of the landscape above the ground on-board scenic rail journeys in Snowdonia, hiking through Pembrokeshire and below the ground with tours through old mines and natural caves.

Wales is packed with exciting activities, both outdoors and cultural, just waiting for families to explore. So, be sure to follow the Roberts as they discover it all in Travel With Kids Wales. Because really, where else are you going to learn to say "Sut ydych chi?", which means "How are you?", in Welsh?

Find out more about the Travel With Kids series at www.travelwithkids.tv and more about Wales at www.visitwales.com.

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