March 27, 2009

Moms Stay Free at FDR Resorts Jamaica

We stayed at both Pebbles and FDR While filming for our Travel With Kids Jamaica DVD available soon. They place was fantastic with VACATION NANNIES! Check it out.


Runaway Bay, Jamaica – In appreciation of Mother’s, FDR Resorts, owners and operators of the family oriented Franklyn D. Resort & Spa and Pebbles Resort on Jamaica’s north coast are thrilled to announce that Mother’s will Stay Free at their Resorts for the month of May. As a Thank You for all that they do, Mom’s vacationing at the Resorts - 1st May through 5th June, 2009 with their family will Stay for Free! Both FDR Resorts offer 2 Bedroom Suites which translate to more comfort for vacationing families and they are the only Resorts in the Caribbean whose prices include a dedicated Vacation Nanny for each family. She is the family’s Vacation Assistant and will spend as little or as much time with the family, helping out with the small hassles from rinsing out the kids swimsuits, ensuring the kids are fed and bathed to assisting Mom and Dad with planning out their daily activities, etc. With Mom Staying Free and a Vacation Nanny to help out, there is no better way to spend a family vacation and returning home feeling well rested and rejuvenated.


TrekkerT said...

I came across this same resort after talking with another parent. I have been looking for reviews from individuals on blogs to no avail though. I wonder if parents have any say in the selection process...

Taija said...

I've only watched the London episode of your show, but a comment to you (and all other parents traveling with kids) - please, tell your children what they can and can't do! I've got two children and I love traveling with them, but there is no way I'd let them climb on statues (e.g. Peter Pan). They are not made for that purpose and can really be damaged by careless tourists. There are nice playgrounds, where children can climb, run and play.

Traveling with children is educational and fun, but please, don't teach them that the world is their playground - it is not!